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Sanya island “island” for the winter, about

Date: 2014-12-10

Winter of hainan is a lot of people yearning, sometimes feel it is very simple, sometimes feel it is very costly, this piece of paradise on earth, wind, sun, sea, trees, cottages, and fishing boats, pure natural static, and the city completely different feelings and slow to move, can let the city to find the return of the souls dwell. Where you can put down the work, to offload, lay in a hammock sea breeze blows over, the sun asperses full whole body through the swaying palm leaf.
National 4 a level scenic spots "south bay monkey island" is the world's only islands macaques nature reserve, the island has nearly 400 kinds of tropical plants, animals, nearly hundred kinds, more than 2500 national second class protected animals macaques impressive; Known as the "Sicily" sanya "west island" low degree of development, island, beautiful scenery, fresh air and waters around the island with a lot of beautiful coral, gathered around a variety of colorful tropical fish, live like a huge tropical Marine ecosystem.