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2015 sails united international convention will be settled in sanya

Date: 2015-01-19

International sailing union chairman carlo cross announced that 2015 of the international sailing annual meeting will be held in sanya.
It is understood that in order to better promote sanya, during the period of 2014 sails united international convention, in Spain palma, sanya city held a special promotion activities. Unique water sports activities focus on sanya conditions and rich Marine resources, and the development of the ring of hainan international big sailing competition for the past five years.
Sail united international convention is the world's sailing event, the 2015 sails united international convention as Rio 2016 Olympic sailing windsurfing on preparations for the meeting, more special significance. Sanya can stand out in many declare city, in recent years the rapid development of the sanya sailing caused the attention of international sailing, and Volvo universal sailing competition, ring of hainan international sailing events such as the big race held, make sanya gradually sailing one of the most promising.