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tidylanscore:3.0 / 52022-01-25
Cost performance is OK. It's close to the sea. The swimming pool is not big. Breakfast is average.
jialiuyanscore:4.8 / 52022-01-24
Very cost-effective. It's also very close to the beach. The wireless WiFi in the hotel is very convenient. It's also very close to the bus. It's very convenient to go anywhere. The service was very good, very user-friendly
dongyinranscore:4.5 / 52022-01-22
The environment and location are very good. The children in the open-air swimming pool like it very much. It's only 200 meters to Dadonghai. It's very suitable for family vacation. The breakfast is rich and the waiter's attitude is very good. Come back next time.
lious410score:5.0 / 52022-01-22
Dadonghai is an old brand hotel, and the hotel service is still very good! You can't drag like a 250 just because you're a guest. You've been prepared when you order. The equipment is old. It's still a little noisy before 12 p.m. but you're going to play. You're tired. You don't care so much. You can sleep directly! Come here next time.
e00520838score:3.5 / 52022-01-22
OK, the price is a little high! It hasn't reached the standard of this price
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